CapSee Helps Avoid Caps Lock Mishaps

There are two awesome things about CapSee, a small utility for OS X from developer Threemagination, who previously helped build iPhone app Numbrix.

The first is the app's main function, a subtle, on-screen bezel it displays when you enable caps lock by tapping that occasionally-nefarious key. The second is its price: $0.

The free application, featured this week on Apple's own Website, aims to prevent accidental mis-taps that can lead to AWKWARD AT BEST, OBNOXIOUS AT WORST TYPING ERRORS. Don't worry, though, if you totally meant to turn on caps lock, the bezel disappears after a moment, letting you blissfully scream your head off.

CapSee works with Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard, on Intel and PowerPC Macs alike.

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