The 240GB IPod

While the iPod touch and iPod nano get all the attention, the iPod classic is still chugging along as Apple's "hold everything" media player--even if it's just keeping the seat warm while we wait for a higher-capacity iPod touch.

But for those with huge media libraries, even the 160GB iPod classic, the highest-capacity iPod Apple has ever produced, doesn't provide enough space. So I turned to storage-upgrade vendor Apricorn, which offers upgrade kits for the fifth-generation (5G) iPod. Each upgrade offers a larger hard drive--120GB for the 30GB 5G iPod, or 240GB for the 60GB and 80GB 5G iPod--as well as a higher-capacity battery.

In this week's video, I walk you through the installation of Apricorn's 240GB upgrade kit to give you an idea of what the process entails.

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Show notes

Apricorn's data sheet for the two upgrade kits is available as an online PDF.

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