Net Humorists Pit iPad Against Traditional Tools

Within minutes of the iPad's announcement, fans and critics alike were playing a hypothetical comparison game, stacking the not-yet-released device against a host of competitors, from the Kindle DX to the Sony PSP Go, from netbooks to full-size laptops, and everything in between. The comedians of the Net were taking a different tack, comparing Apple's latest with more-traditional alternatives.

NG Online's feature comparison: Etch A Sketch vs. iPad. The Etch A Sketch wins without having to resort to its ace in the hole: "Available in Ferrari Red."
At, the iPad matches up well against a Paleolithic stone, which does support multitasking (it's a weapon, a work surface, a crude tool, and potentially a writing tablet), but lacks a USB port, a camera, and a touchscreen. Perhaps a closer comparison comes from the snarky folks at (frequent contributors), who had the iPad square off against the Etch A Sketch. The winner? No surprise. It's the device with the widescreen, the unlimited battery life, and the "Handy Dials for Drawing."


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