New Utility Prism HUD Has Room for Improvement

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System resource monitor Prism HUD (free) is designed to show you the current state of your system, including CPU usage, RAM use, network use, hard disk use, and more. But it's so confusing to use, and sometimes flaky, that you'll likely find it of little use at all.

Prism HUD screenshot
Prism HUD displays information about your system use, but it's so flaky that it's not particularly useful.

When you run it, the program momentarily display that information, but then quickly disappears. When you want to display the information again, right-click its icon in the System Tray and select Reset, and then it briefly display the information again, before vanishing. It display the information semi-transparently before disappearing. In addition, I've found that at times the information will pop up unbidden before disappearing. There appears to be some link between when the information appears--for example, at times when you're using your CPU, CPU information will appear. But that's not always the case.

Prism HUD is a new program, and it could certainly grow into a more useful one. That said, our best recommendation is to stay away from Prism HUD until it improves. A better bet for now is freebie Performance Monitor.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Prism HUD

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