How to Punk Somebody on Facebook

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Punk Your Mom

Lots of people are dealing with “the Mom problem” on Facebook. Is the idea of being Facebook friends with your mom any better than the idea of being Facebook friends with your boss? Some moms comment on their kids' pages so much that even the kids’ friends start to feel like Facebook has become some kind of chaperoned party.

So if your mom insists on being a part of your Facebook world, there’s nothing wrong with throwing her a little “brush-back” pitch, just to remind her where she is.

If you're single, it’s only a few clicks to change your relationship status to “married,” and then maybe post some pics of your high school P.E. teacher as your new spouse.

If you know your mother is watching, then a slightly scandalous photo or a bit of colorful language might be just the thing you need in extending a not-so-warm welcome on her first day as a social networker.

Just imagine: Mom is eager (all of a sudden, after years of deriding "kids these days" for spending all their time online) to be your friend on Facebook, but once she sees that profile photo of you baring some cleavage on a mechanical bull, or reads a status update that doesn't reflect the wholesome upbringing she thought she gave you, she might think twice about this Facebook thing.

Fan Pages 'R' Us

It’s difficult--and probably against the rules--to pose as somebody you’re not on Facebook (too bad, because that would be fun). But you can start a fan page for a friend, or a group of friends, and then you're suddenly in charge of what's said about that person. And more important, it looks like the person featured in the fan page is the one who posts the status updates, not the administrator.

You can make a fan page for your friend Olivia, perhaps leading up to her birthday or wedding, inviting her other "fans" to comment about why she's so great.

If you want to be thoroughly confusing, you can start a fan page for somebody you want to punk and start putting words in his or her mouth. Is your friend Gregory a tough guy? Have him talk excitedly about his My Little Pony collection or mention that he's due for his biweekly pedicure.

Because personal profile pages and fan pages look so much alike on Facebook, many people will just assume it's Greg getting in touch with his more feminine side.

Fun With Friend Suggest

You know your friend Liz always had a crush on Peter in accounting. Suggest that they become friends. Liz, you've been punk'd.

Suggest that your ex, who cheated on you and deserves a mean prank, become friends with somebody you know he doesn't particularly like. Or maybe suggest he become friends with the person he cheated on you with (if he isn’t already).

How about your friend who drinks too much? Suggest she become a fan of "drinking so much I puke at work" or one of the many inappropriate and humorously specific fan pages that people are starting these days. (Alcoholics Anonymous also has a group.)

If somebody has a body odor problem, suggest he become a fan of "deodorant."

See? Sometimes when you punk somebody, you’re actually doing them (and their friends) a favor.

Keep It All in Fun

You’ve been racking up an impressive friends total since you’ve been on Facebook. So you’ve got plenty of targets for pranks, and plenty more people to get a laugh out of it.

Besides, as the initial excitement of Facebook wears off for many of us, we need something to do. Facebook is at its best when its members get creative, such as when everybody turned into a writer during the “25 Things About You” phenomenon awhile back.

Lastly, let's all remember than pranks are only fun when the target of the prank thinks it’s fun, too. So don't get carried away, kids.

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