Stop Playing Tag: Publish Your Google Calendar Now

Here's how to share your calendar:

First, go to your Google Calendar. Go to the "My calendars" column on the left side of the page. Look for the calendar you want to publish, and select the downward-pointing arrow next to it. Then click "share this calendar."

Check "Share this calendar with others" and "Make this calendar public."

Choose either "See only free/busy (hide details)" or "See all event details." You'll probably want to choose "See only free/busy." The Internet doesn't need to know you're at the dentist, it just needs to know you're not available at that time.

Then select the "Calendar Details" tab, and scroll down to "Embed this Calendar." Grab the code to embed in the Web page of your choice. You can customize the size, color, and other options, either by manually editing the code or using Google's graphical tool.

After that, just embed the code in your Web page of choice, and you're good to go.

Alternately, you can just share the URL for the Google Calendar page. But that is one wicked long URL, occupying multiple lines of e-mail. You're best off shortening it with a link-shortening tool, like

And now you're all set. Start sharing the URL for your calendar and save time.

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