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The iPod has become so popular that a lot of people have forgotten about a rich and free resource for music--radio. No, not just the radio you accidentally hear when searching for your car's Defroster switch, but Web-based as well as terrestrial radio. In this Macworld Video I look at ways to listen to and capture radio that streams across the Internet.

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Show Notes

In the video I mention Cycling '74's free Soundflower. It's a useful system extension (and yes, Snow Leopard compatible) that helps you to capture any audio playing on your Mac, including iTunes' radio stations.

I also talk about two software applications that let you listen to and capture Internet radio broadcasts--Rogue Amoeba's $32 RadioShift (recently updated to version 1.5) and Gaga Factory's $30 Radio Gaga. They're each worth your consideration.

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