Zombie Week: The Undead Are Coming!

Greetings, Game Room readers. This week we're doing something a little different with Macworld's Game Room. Due to the popularity of zombie applications on the iPhone and iPod touch, we've decided to dedicate an entire week to the undead. For months, we've been beating back the hordes brain-eating zombie games with our trusty shovel and sawed off shotgun. But like a George Romero film, the masses have finally broken through our barriers. Now it's brain-eating time.

This week, you'll get a hefty helping of games with moaning undead hordes lurching right for your throat. Every day we'll post an iPhone game review with a zombie theme, including some very high-end titles from Capcom, PopCap, and Activision.

You'll also want to keep checking the Games Room section for a special interview with Plants vs. Zombies creator George Fan, as well as Macworld's zombie app survival guide, and other surprise guests and interviews. Like any good zombie film, we have some surprises in store for you.

Keep your brains intact and your shotgun ready. The zombies are coming. Here is the reviews schedule for the week.

* Monday: Dawn of the Dead

* Tuesday: Call of Duty: Zombies

* Wednesday: The Raging Dead

* Thursday: Resident Evil 4

* Friday: Plants vs. Zombies

* Saturday: Doom II RPG

[Associate Editor Chris Holt is Macworld's last defense against the undead.]

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