Mac User Groups and IPod Accessories

With a few weeks before the iPad madness begins, we turn our attention to less time-sensitive topics. I begin this episode of the Macworld Podcast with an interview with The MUG Center's Chuck Joiner. We discuss the current state of Macintosh User Groups.

After a commercial oasis, Macworld senior editor Dan Frakes and I talk about the iPod and iPhone accessories we use and enjoy.

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Show Notes

As the plug section of Chuck's interview indicates, he's got his finger in a lot of Apple pies. The flavors of these various pies include the MacNotables and MacJury podcasts and MacVoices videos.

Dan and I discuss a mean mess of accessories. They include (in order mentioned):

* Scosche's $30 TapStick

* Etymotic's hf2 Custom Fit headset + earphones (custom fit option currently available only in the U.K.)

* Sony's $110 MDR-VS studio headphones

* Focal's iCub speaker (discontinued)

* Audioengine's $349 A5 speakers

* Griffin Technology's $70 Simplifi dock

* Dexim's $50 MHub Dock Station

* Griffin Technology's $40 (2-docks) $60 (4-docks) PowerDock

* Parat Solutions' Parasync charging and synchronization dock

* Comply's Foam Tips

* Ten One Design's $8 SoundClip

* Mophie's $80 Juice Pack Air

* Plantronics' $100 Voyager Pro Bluetooth headset

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