Report: Conan O'Brien Negotiated With MS About Xbox Program

With Conan O'Brien coming back to television this fall with a new program on TBS, reports are coming out regarding the other avenues of distribution the late night host was considering--one of which was the Xbox 360.

In a move that surprised many who thought he'd stick to network television, Conan O'Brien was confirmed earlier today as the newest addition to cable channel TBS, as the former Tonight Show host will bring his humor to a new 1-hour program in the fall. Reports that have come out today seem to indicate that O'Brein's business team was considering even more outrageous means of distributing the program, including streaming via video game consoles. Here's a snippet of a report from Deadline Hollywood:

"Team Conan (including his exec producer Jeff Ross, and WME's Rick Rosen, and manager Gavin Palone, and Ziffren Brittenham attorney Sam Fischer), were thinking way outside the network box. For instance, there were discussions with Microsoft about an Xbox deal for Conan's show that would have broken new ground."

We've put word out to our Microsoft representatives to confirm the validity of the negotiations and will report if we hear back. Team Coco members--would you have followed Conan if he were Xbox-exclusive?

SOURCE: Conan O'Brien Could Have Been A Xbox Exclusive [Press the Buttons]

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