Return to Active Numbers Cell

Reader Moises Majchel finds an unwelcome view when he opens a saved Numbers document. He writes:

When using Numbers, every time I open a saved spreadsheet, the view goes to Row 1, Column A. Since I use very long spreadsheets it is bothersome to have to look for the place where you finished working last time. How can I save the spreadsheet and open it later in the last place I was working?

First, make sure that when you save the document before closing it, the cell you're working in is selected. Unless you've zoomed in on the document, Numbers documents should open displaying the selected cell. However, if like many people, you use a zoomed view, Numbers will save that view. Open the document and it's likely you'll see something other than the selected cell.

There's an easy way to locate it, though. Just tap an Arrow key. Do so and the document will move to the location of the currently selected cell, which will be one cell away from the cell you were last working with.

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