Bugs & Fixes: A Long Time Ago in a Bug Far, Far Away...

Today's bug affects a minority of Mac users, but it's still worth noting if only for its Star Wars connection.

According to a recently released Apple support article, if you have one of a subset of Mac models (primarily iMacs, Mac minis, or 13-inch MacBooks, all from 2006-2007) and you are running the latest version of Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6.3), iMovie '09 will crash under certain circumstances.

What are these circumstances? You have to be scrolling through iMovie's Titles pane to the point where the Far Far Away title appears. (Yes, this is the title that mimics the opening text in the Star Wars movies).

This problem had previously been noted in several Apple Discussions Boards threads, especially this one. The threads claim that the symptom appears if you "scroll past the Organic Lower title." This matches Apple's description, as the Organic Lower title is located just above the Far Far Away one.

Apple will certainly fix this bug in a future revision to iMovie. In the meantime, Apple offers two work-arounds: (1) downgrade back to 10.6.2 or (2) "avoid opening or scrolling the Titles pane in a way that reveals the Far Far Away title."

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