FileMaker Launches Bento 3 Family Organizer

FileMaker has announced the release of a new package of free templates for its consumer-oriented relational database application Bento 3 aimed at organizing a family's every activity from chores to meal planning.

Called Bento 3 Family Organizer, the new offer also includes a 30-day free trial of Bento, after which families who want to continue using the templates will have to purchase a full version of the database software, which retails for $49.

Each of the templates in the package covers a specific family activity. For example, you could organize your shopping, set up and track all your bill payments and even assign chores to each member of your family--which is sure to make the product a winner with the teenage kids in every house. 

Bento 3 requires Mac OS X 10.5.7 or 10.6 and higher; the templates that come with the Family Organizer package are also compatible with the iPad and iPhone versions of the software.

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