How to Survive a DDoS Attack

Google. Twitter. Government websites. Fortune-500 companies. All are victims of crippling distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The attacks have grown in reach and intensity thanks to botnets and a bounty of application flaws. This collection of articles will bring you up to speed on how the threat has evolved and what you can do to better protect your organization.


The long, strange evolution of DDoS attacksCSO Senior Editor Bill Brenner launches a series on distributed denial-of-service attacks. Here, he interviews Andy Ellis, CSO of Akamai. Given the nature of the business, when a denial-of-service attack is in progress or being attempted, Akamai is among the first to see and respond to it.

Evolution of DDoS: Why it's only getting worseCSO Senior Editor Bill Brenner talks to Breach Security application research director Ryan Barnett about the shift in tactics attackers are using to deepen the damage their DDoSes can inflict.


DDoS attacks are back (and bigger than before)DDoS attacks are back in the headlines. Thanks to the rapid proliferation of botnets, the threat may be bigger than the bad guys had even planned.

DDoS returns: What researchers are learning about targets, tacticsTwo IT security specialists share what they've learned about the targets chosen for DDoS attacks and how to adjust security strategies based on those lessons.

Report: Layer 7 increasingly under DDoS gunA new report shows an upward trend where attack tools exploit layer 7 to maximize the impact of DDoS assaults. Here's what you can do to blunt the threat.

With botnets everywhere, DDoS attacks get cheaperCyber-crime just doesn't pay like it used to.

How a bookmaker and a whiz kid took on a DDoS-based online extortion attack"Facing an online extortion threat, bookmaker Mickey Richardson bet his Web-based business on a networking whiz from Sacramento who first beat back the bad guys, then helped the cops nab them.

Security experts scramble to decipher Twitter attackFacebook exec claims Twitter, Google and others were attacked to silence pro-Georgian activist.

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