Tom Bihn IPad Cache Sleeve

Tom Bihn's $30 iPad Cache sleeve a padded sleeve designed to carry the iPad inside another bag. Available in vertical or horizontal orientation--vertical for use inside a backpack or vertical messenger, horizontal for use inside most other bags--the Cache sports a gray exterior with a soft, black interior. You close the top of the sleeve much like you would tuck the flap of an envelope inside the envelope--no zippers or velcro hold the iPad inside this fairly loose-fitting sleeve. Given that the sleeve was designed specifically to be placed inside a larger carrying device--a backpack, messenger bag, or briefcase, for example--the loose fit isn't a big problem. But you want to be careful about holding the Cache top-down, as the iPad will fall out with a bit of jostling. The case doesn't have reinforced sides, but the padding is adequate to protect an iPad from modest drops and bumps.


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