Look Out, Apple — Android's About to Eat Your Lunch

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The Android-iPhone Future

Right now, as Steve Jobs pointed out, Android is still the small fry in the global smartphone Happy Meal. And sure, you can find a study or two here and there -- as Steve did -- that paints a slightly less bleak picture for the iPhone's future. But denying the shift in consumer interest is as silly as, say, describing simplistic home screen folders as "amazing," "wonderful," and "beautiful."

To be clear, the shift means more than just fresh ammo for your next Apple-Android fanboy fight: Ultimately, it means better products for everyone. As Android gains greater attention, manufacturers and programmers will have added incentive to bring even more innovative work to the platform. And as Apple realizes its stronghold is no longer a guarantee -- even if Stevie J. never actually admits he's aware of that fact -- it'll be forced to step up its game and bring more options to consumers in order to remain competitive. In the end, the competition itself is what we should all be celebrating.

That said, for those of us who have long appreciated the choice-oriented power Android provides, the extra bragging rights are pretty damn satisfying, too.

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