Unboxing the iPhone 4

Take a look at our slideshow to see how the look and dimensions of the iPhone 4 compares with its predecessors.

Unboxing Day

The iPhone 4's box has a large shot of the iPhone running iOS 4 on the front, and a sticker with your ICCID on the back (you'll need this number when setting up your new phone).

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Not Actual Size

The first peek inside the box at the shiny new iPhone 4.

Back in Black

The back of the iPhone 4 is made out of aluminosilicate glass. Apple claims the glass is highly durable and compares its strength to sapphire crystal.

Light, Camera, Action

The iPhone 4's main camera is 5-megapixels. It sits next to an LED light which can be used to brighten up still photos or videos.

The Gang's All Here

The box also contains a pair of Apple earphones, a USB power adapter, and dock to USB cable.

Evolution of iPhone

The four generations of iPhone, from the left: iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, and the original iPhone.

A Closer Comparison

The Phone 4 is .37-inches deep, the iPhone 3GS and 3G are both .48-inches deep, and the first iPhone is .46-inches deep.

How Steve Jobs Really Plays Jenga

The top four items are iPhones, stacked on top of three generations of iPod touches, all balanced on an iPad.