iPhone 4 Antenna Issue, Cont.

How big a problem is the iPhone 4′s possibility of antenna interference when you touch its lower left-hand corner? It's still not clear. It might affect only some people or some iPhones. Or it might be a common issue with smartphones from all manufacturers which folks are only now noticing. (Me, I've attempted to replicate the problem by forcing my iPhone to drop calls . . . but so far, it's not cooperating.)

Here's one of the most interesting and worrisome data points to date: My pal Mark Sullivan of PCWorld did some informal but extensive tests around San Francisco, and was mostly impressed with the 4′s data speeds, voice reliability, and voice quality -- except when he intentionally cup

ped the phone's lower left-hand corner. When he did that, data speeds dropped dramatically.

Is it possible to follow Apple's advice and just not touch your phone that way? I'm not sure. I'm a southpaw, but as I've thought about it, I've realized that I'm ambidextrous when it comes to smartphones. I'll hold them in either hand depending on what's most convenient, and will use fingers from either hand or both hands to tap on the keyboard. Intentionally avoiding touching one part of the phone would be a burden. But like I say, I've noticed no issues to date.

Have you, iPhone 4 early adopters?

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