E3 2012: Microsoft Conference Liveblog

Microsoft is the first of the console manufacturers to take to the stage at E3 2012 and tell us all about its coming lineup. Will we see a big expansion to the Xbox 360's capabilities as a media hub? Will we get our first real look at Halo 4? What other hot game exclusives does Microsoft have up its sleeve? Can the company finally make a case for Kinect with core gamers? We're expecting Microsoft to continual pushing the Xbox 360 to a broader audience, and that may include a price drop or an expansion on the $99 subsidized pricing program. If we're lucky, we'll even hear a little about gaming on Windows 8 and the next generation of Windows Phone, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Join us for our liveblog of Microsoft's E3 press conference, scheduled to begin at 9:30am pacific time on Monday, June 4.

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