Official Raspberry Pi overclock lets you hack without voiding your warranty

[Credit: Raspberry Pi]

It's not often that a chip maker wants you to overclock their chips for more processing power. Luckily, the guys behind the Raspberry Pi are real cool dudes that will let you overclock your Linux-stick with an official tool while keeping your warranty intact.

As spotted by Engadget, this new Turbo Mode comes wrapped into the Raspberry Pi’s latest official firmware update. The added functionality boosts the performance of the ARM processor from a measly 700MHz to a solid 1GHz.

On paper, the turbo boost lets your Raspberry Pi crunch out numbers 52 percent faster on integer performance, 64 percent speedier on floating point calculations, and 55 percent snappier on memory tasks. The overclock tool also keeps the CPU from exceeding 85 degrees Celsius (185 degrees Fahrenheit), just to keep things safe.

The latest Raspbian OS update also includes a few bonuses like better analog audio, widgets to check you board’s temperature and CPU frequency, as well as improved USB and Wi-Fi dongle support.

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