This Lego-encased Raspberry Pi Minecraft server takes geeking out to new levels

[Credit: abrightmoore/Reddit]

About a week and a half ago, we took a look at the Iridis-Pi, a supercomputer that researchers over at University of Southampton built out of 64 Raspberry Pi computers and a whole lot of Lego. They were even kind enough to supply instructions for those interested in constructing an Iridis-Pi of their own. Today, we've got something similar, but one that exists on a far smaller scale.

This is the Raspberry-Pi Minecraft server. According to abrightmoore on Reddit, it's fully capable of handling two players simultaneously, so long as the users are willing to exert a bit of patience and deal with no mobs and no Nether.

From a performance standpoint, this normally wouldn't be particularly impressive, but the fact that it's being powered by a Raspberry Pi—which is a $25 computer that's the size of a credit card—changes things somewhat. According to abrightmoore's updates on Imgur, he's apparently running the whole thing at 900MHz with the memory at 500MHz.

What really cements the geeky coolness of the whole affair is probably how—aside from making a Minecraft server out of a pint-sized computer—abrightmoore made all the little details, like shrubbery, lava, water, and basic housing out of Lego pieces as well. It's definitely not the most practical use of the Raspberry-Pi computer, but stuff like this makes me deeply curious about what we can expect next.

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