Robot can walk a tightrope (and other things we didn’t cover)

Cargo Collective

It's Friday, Friday, and it's time for the final instalment of GeekBytes for this week! In today's wrap-up, we look at a robot that can walk a tightrope, a retro-themed mod for your iPhone 4 or 4S, and a strange NES-themed toy.

Robot walks a tightrope without falling [Robots-Dreams]

If you needed another reminder of the coming robot apocalypse, check out Primer-V4. This robot can walk along a 4mm tightrope, thanks in part to its wide feet. The robot doesn’t really use its arms for balance like a human would, but instead works the upper body. Sadly, it’s not total magic: The robot's feet have a small groove them to help it stay on the rope. [via Hack A Day]

Light up your iPhone logo with this hack [YouTube]

Adafruit’s iPhone Light Mod tutorial explains how to take apart your iPhone (not the easiest of tasks) and replace the logo with your choice of colors or patterns and a light. Adafruit don’t carry the kit used to alter the phone so it doesn't infringe on Apple's trademark, but it does stock the individual tools you’ll need to get going. [via Ubergizmo]

Vinyl NES toy has a playable head [Cargo Collective]

The Super Gigan is not just a strange-looking Qee figurine; its head is actually a playable game system. The head contains components from a Game Boy Advance and runs various game console emulators. Sadly, the artist doesn’t let on which games this creation actually runs, but if you can get a game or Mario going, it could be the perfect cubicle distraction. [via Gizmodo]

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