Apple: iPhone 4's Not Perfect -- Take a Free Case or Full Refund

To alleviate iPhone 4 antenna problems, Apple will give free bumper cases to everyone who bought or will buy the phone through September 30.

For people who already bought a bumper case, Apple will refund the cost. Users who are still unsatisfied can return the phone, with or without a case, for a full refund within 30 days. Apple CEO Steve Jobs made the announcement at a hasily-called press conference this morning.

An application form will go live on Apple's website next week, where iPhone 4 owners will be able to choose a free bumper case from a variety of vendors.

Jobs stressed that the iPhone 4 reception issues are common among smartphones. On the iPhone 4, occur when the phone is held over its lower left-hand corner, blocking the external antenna. Nonetheless, Jobs said, he wants to keep customers happy, hence the free cases and full refund.

We'll have more details on Apple's iPhone 4 briefing shortly.

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