This tech lets you combine your smartphones into one big screen with a pinch

While multitouch isn't new—anyone who has ever owned an iOS thingie can certainly tell you that—the idea of being able to connect multiple displays and interact with them simultaneously is still something of a novelty. Sure, there's been stuff like Sifteo Cubes, but there's never really been anything that allows you to, say, hook up a bunch of iPhones and an iPad to create a mechanical Frankenstein.

Until now. Sort of.

According to Diginfo.TV, a research group over at Tokyo's University of Technology is hard at work developing an interface called Pinch that will let you connect link together screens from several multitouch contraptions. The idea behind the whole thing is pretty simple, really. To link up two adjacent devices, you simply have to put you thumb and index finger on the two screens and, well, pinch.

After that, the devices will share details in their position and screen size with each other via Wi-Fi. Representatives from the research group explained to Diginfo.TV, "This Pinch interface we've developed is used to create applications that make devices react when they've both been pinched, so they work together. In the case of a graphics application, when the devices recognize they've been pinched, they can show the whole picture as if it's on one screen."

It looks like the research group has offered Pinch to still-unnamed developers, requesting that they "do something with it." I'm excited. Are you? Leave thoughts in the comments.

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