Play This! Podcast: It's Schwarzageddon!

On this week's episode of the Play This! podcast, we go deep into Steve Martin's truly fascinating career. Stand-up to SNL to comedic movie actor and writer—that's not unusual. The left turn to banjo bluegrass music, that's unique. Also, we make Alex talk about his trek through the entire Schwarzenegger canon.

Links from this week's episode:

  • It's hard to drive and shoot bosses in Zombie Driver HD.
  • Kairobotica is only available on the Google Play store right now, but will hopefully hit iOS soon.
  • We've talked about 10,000,000 before, but it bears repeating: it's fantastic.
  • Funky Smugglers is basically Fruit Ninja, but way, way more funky.
  • Wayne White is an incredibly fascinating artist, and the documentary Beauty is Embarassing will tell you all about him.
  • Nate wants you to watch Blazing Saddles, if you haven't already. Or watch it again.
  • This brings us around to the Three Amigos, and the word "plethora." This got Jason thinking about Steve Martin, who had a very interesting stand-up career, made amazing comedy movies like The Jerk, and now...plays bluegrass banjo? Really amazing banjo. Listen to The Crow and Rare Bird Alert.

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