Ouya readies developer tools for Android game console

The eagerly-awaited Ouya Android-based games console appears to be edging toward reality at last, with the company behind its development showing off the first manufactured development boards.

In a website post, the company announced that it is now in advanced EVT (Engineering Verification Testing) and on track to ship developer kits in December.

"Last week was a huge milestone for us we received our first development run of PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) for the console," the company announced on its website.

"The first boards came to life without any hitches, and we're now fine tuning software and hardware performance for graphics, wireless, and user experience!"

Developer boards will run Android Jelly Bean, 4.1.

Kickstarter funded

Launched as an idea on the Kickstarter crowd-funding site with a remarkable $5.8 million of interest behind it, Ouya has become the disruptive gaming story of the year.

Think of it as of the ilk of the Raspberry Pi but with more potential to cause large console vendors trouble. Even at the low price of $99, the ARM-based Ouya will still need to grab as much developer interest as it can to have the remotest chance of carving out a niche. Gaming is more crowded than ever.

The company's appearance is part of a growing cottage industry of ARM-based hardware running Linux-derived software. Consumers are scheduled to be offered the final product sometime in 2013.

Ouya game controller prototype

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