You too can add inductive charging to your Galaxy Nexus

Fenris_Ulf/[H]ard Forums

Who says you need a fancy new phone to get that newfangled wireless inductive charging feature? [H]ard Forums member Fenris_Ulf took it upon himself to add inductive charging to his Galaxy Nexus.

To carry out this mod—which is based off of a similar hack for the HTC Evo 4G—Fenris bought a few parts including an extended battery and cover for his Galaxy Nexus, a few Palm Touchstone charging bases, and a touchstone cover for the Palm Pixi.

Fenris started the modding process by stripping the inductive charging elements from the Pixi Touchstone cover, which came off as a big piece of tape. He transferred the circuitry to the back of his Galaxy Nexus cover using a bit of adhesive to make it stick.

Fenris_Ulf/[H]ard Forums

Fenris hooked it up electrically by soldering wires from a sacrificial USB cord between the contacts on the charging element and the phone’s pogo pin connector (the four-pin contact that Nexus devices use for dock charging). After the Galaxy Nexus is all closed up, it still looks like a regular phone, except now it can charge up its battery using the Touchstone.

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