Better eating through technology

At TechHive, we write about "Tech for Life." This means taking a close look at all the many ways technology has integrated into our lives: from touchscreens in cars, to banking apps, to robots that vacuum, and of course those ubiquitous pocket computers we call smartphones. One of the best examples of how thoroughly technology has altered our day-to-day existence is in how we feed ourselves. Where once we had recipe books, paper grocery lists, and index cards passed down through generations, now we have apps, web services, and video tutorials showing us how to create tasty meals.

When we initially sat down to ponder what "Better Eating Through Technology" really means, we couldn't write the list out fast enough: recipe apps, grocery list apps, YouTube instructional videos, web services that deliver groceries or take-out... these are just a few of the many examples of how technology has upgraded our eating experiences.

To that end, we present the following five stories to you, each of which tackles a different aspect of tech and food: Healthy eating, groceries, recipes, dining out, and take out and delivery. We found dozens of apps, services, and tips to help you do a better job of feeding yourself. After all, you can't just live on cheese and crackers for dinner. At least, not every night.

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