A real-life linking book from Myst will transport you out of this world

Mike Ando

Quite a few years on my childhood, back in the early 90s, was colored red and blue. Red and blue pages, that is. For those who don't get the reference, I'm talking about Myst, the legendary game by Cyan. Myst was revolutionary when it came out, and it’s still pretty awesome to this day. Had anyone told me back a real-life linking book from Myst will ever exist, I probably would've gone all glassy eyed. And indeed, I have—because there is. And it's on sale for $15,625.

The real-life linking book is made by Mike Ando, who found a 135-year-old copy of Harper's New Monthly Magazine for this purpose—the same book Cyan used for reference back in the days. Mike placed a full, hand-assembled desktop computer with the smallest parts he could find inside the book, including a 640 by 480 LED-backlit display, a 1.6GHz Intel CPU, 1GB of RAM, and Windows XP.

In case you don't remember, linking books are featured in Myst and its sequels as a means to transport people between the different Myst ages. When you open them in the game, you see a fly-through of the location, and when you touch the display, you're immediately transported. Mike's book looks exactly like an original linking book, inside and out. When you open it, the screen peeks at you from the pages, and you can watch the old Myst flybys, just like in the original.

Unfortunately (or maybe luckily, come to think of it), the book doesn't transport you into one of the Myst ages, but it does include all versions and of Myst and its sequels, very much including the newest iteration, Myst V: End of Ages. Yes, you can play every game by Cyan on this book, and it's powerful enough to run all of them properly.

Mike's creation is so beautiful and so exciting it almost brought tears to my eyes, and surely made me want to play Myst all over again! Don't miss the video below to see this awe-inspiring book in action.

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