How to talk like William Shatner (and other things we didn’t cover)

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The official William Shatner soundboard app is here [Apple]

There are fan-made soundboards for things like the Comedy Button podcast, and then there’s the Shatoetry iOS app from William Shatner himself. This particular soundboard lets you play back poetry in Shatner’s voice recorded in three different tones to make it more dramatic, or filled with...Shatner’s...patented pauses. The app…is available…in the iOS…App Store…for…$2.99. [via The Verge]

Trade like a Hutt from Star Wars [Amazon]

Want even more geek cred? Get yourself a Star Wars decoder ring that helps you translate Huttese into English, just in case your dealing with someone tricky who also speaks the language of the Hutts (such as Jabba the Hutt). [via Fashionably Geek]

Your Lego-building dream job [Legoland Florida]

We’ve seen some truly impressive creations made with Lego bricks—especially the universe-imploding Lego Minecraft server . While some might only think of Lego-building as a colossal waste of time, you can actually do it as a full-time job if you’re good enough at it. Legoland Florida is looking for a master model builder, and the only experience you’ll require is building awesome Lego creations. [via]

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