Further proof of Google credit card leaks

Googe Wallet

That rumored Google credit card we reported on last week may not be a rumor after all.

Early Tuesday morning, TechCrunch received an anonymous tip that seems to further confirm that Google is working on a physical Google Wallet card to go along with a new Wallet app. The tip pointed to Google's Wallet support pages which, earlier today, stated that "All Android Devices with an operating system of Android 2.3.3 or higher are eligible to download the Google Wallet app for use with the Google Wallet card." Since TechCrunch's initial report on the discovery, it looks as if Google has pulled that line from its support pages.


In case you missed the memo and are uncertain as to what a Google Wallet card actually is, it's basically a one-step solution to having to carry a dozen credit cards on your person. The card is also rumored to work with public transit systems and any Google Offers you've signed up for, and will allow you to switch between the credit cards you use on the fly through the Google Wallet app.

The accidental appearance a support page likely means that the revamped Google Wallet is close to release. A lot has changed in mobile payments since Google first announced Google Wallet for Android phones over a year ago. Having a physical Google Wallet card could give Google an edge Apple's Passbook and Microsoft's Wallet app, particularly in a market where people have been slow to adopt the idea of making purchases with their mobile phones. In short, by having a physical card, Google's trying to make it easier to integrate Google Wallet into a person's life. After all, everyone knows how to use a credit card, right?

We'll keep you updated as this story develops.

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