This game turns condiments into touch controllers, lets you play with your food

It’s great to get your hands on a really challenging game, but you may find that once you’ve mastered the controls of one game, you’ve pretty much mastered the controls of various similar games. If you want to add extra challenges, why not play a game using containers of sauce instead?

It’s not as bizarre as it sounds, trust me.

A group of students from the IT University of Copenhagen made Save The World, where in order to save everyone from “evil burgers,” you, the burger flipper, must touch the correct blob of condiment at the right time.

There are four containers of condiments to touch—ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and remoulade—which correspond to four columns onscreen; your job is to dip your finger into the right container as pieces of burger fall in each of the columns. (Be sure to check out this video to get a better idea of how the gameplay works.)

The pots of sauce work as controllers because the game uses a Makey Makey kit, an Arduino interface which can turn pretty much everything into a controller. Save the World also runs in a Web browser, which makes programming a little quicker. Its creators didn’t provide too many details on how everything is wired up, but the group had certain limitations in place due to the assignment.

This game looks really messy but fun. I guess the hardest part of the game would be resisting the urge to lick your fingers afterward.

[via Adafruit]

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