Lego starship Tesseract gives Curiosity a run for its money

Pierre E Fieschi

Each and every day, another Lego project comes along that seems more complex, enormous, and beautiful than the last. I must admit, after seeing the Lego replica of the Batcave, I didn’t have much hope that any other creation in 2012 would be able to top it. Thankfully, I was proven wrong.

Pierre E. Fieschi is a Lego builder with more than just construction skills. Over the past several months, he has been hard at work building an entire fleet of spaceships, each with their own backstory in what appears to be his own sci-fi universe. The Tesseract, “a giant space shipyard capable of building or repairing even battleships sized vessels,” is his largest project to date, as well as the most complicated.

The ship stretches 105 centimeters (a little over 41 inches), and incorporates over 3 meters of electroluminescent wire to light up its sides. The wire is charged by a high frequency sequencer that runs on 2 AA/AAA batteries.

If this beautiful monstrosity strikes your fancy, why not check out the rest of Mr. Fieschi’s builds over on his Flickr page? His Lego Creations folder contains over 150 pictures, each as fascinating as the last. Your 10-year-old self will thank you.

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