Motorized stroller is the dream machine of tired parents everywhere

Any parent will tell you that a stroller can be a life-saver. If that’s the case, a motorized stroller is a dream come true.

Xandon Frogget, a father of twins and the owner of Daddio Robitcs, sells a variety of kits that let you turn your stroller into a self-propelled baby buggy that can drive itself and avoid obstacles. The kit comes with wheelchair motors capable of carrying a 300-pound person and either a Kinect or ASUS Xtion Pro motion sensor to help the stroller navigate. When it encounters an obstacle, the stroller stops in its tracks and goes into reverse, reducing the risk of a collision.

Once you have the kit set up, you can then tweak it to get it to work the way you want it to. In Xandon’s demo, he uses a Wiimote to steer the stroller, while a rooted Nook Color acts as the main control system for the whole setup.

This hackability means you could make it so your kid can drive the stroller as if it were a Power Wheels car, or you could program it so you steer from a slight distance, effectively turning the stroller into a glorified RC car of sorts. Once you’re done tinkering, you can easily remove the motors and sensors, since they just attach to the stroller handle and pedal bar.

There are three kits available—basic, medium and complete—and how much you get in your kit depends on how much you’re willing to pay. You might want to get saving, though, as automating your stroller starts at $2500 and goes for as much as $3500.

[Daddio Robotics via Gizmodo]

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