Light-up Tron-inspired hoodie is better than your boring jacket

Electric MVMT
"See that guy? He's nowhere near as cool as us."

Does the world need even more novelty hoodies? If the hoodies in question sport electroluminiscent wire and the potential to make the user look posi-Tron-ively awesome, they're obligated to exist.

Enter Electric MVMT's Delaware St. Hoodie. At first glance, it's unlikely to impress. The understated, form-fitting design might even look too utilitarian to be attractive. However, like every stereotypical school-marm, it has a secret. When the lights go out, that's when the Delaware St. Hoodie's full potential becomes realized.

As spotted by Gizmodo, these hoodies will, as you might have already guessed, light up when it gets dark. Of course, the color will vary as well depending on which one you've selected. What I like about this particular design is probably the fact it's considerably more subtle than some of the light-up apparel you see out there.

After all, it's one thing to look like an extra from Tron and another thing entirely to resemble a Christmas tree.

But style doesn't come cheap: These hoodies will cost you $90 apiece. Head on over to Electric MVMT's site if you want one of your own.

Oh, and if you have a better caption for the top photo, sound off in the comments.

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