See Image Previews in Craigslist Listings

The CraigsList Image Prefetcher makes navigating Craigslist a whole lot easier.
I love Craigslist, but does the service have to be so user-unfriendly? I mean, would it kill Craig (or whoever's in charge these days) to offer some kind of image preview in the listings? As it stands, you have to click through every single item to see whatever photos lie beneath.

To paraphrase a popular slogan, there's a Firefox add-on for that. CLIP (a.k.a. CraigsList Image Prefetcher) adds thumbnail image previews to all Craigslist listings and search results. (And speaking of thumbnails, click the one up top to see a larger version of what CLIP does.)

Even better, CLIP adds previews of the listings themselves. Just mouse over the little arrow to the right of any item and the underlying ad text appears in a pop-up box. That should save you a lot of unnecessary clicking.

While you're at it, be sure to check out CL Genie, a free service that sends you an e-mail whenever a new Craigslist listing matches your search term(s).

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