Motorola Droid X: 5 Cool Accessories

Are you one of the lucky ones who snagged a Droid X at launch before they were all sold out? Maybe you're hoping to grab Motorola's newest Android phone from one of the Droid X secret stashes my colleague JR Raphael told you about.

Regardless, once you get your phone, you'll need some cool gear to show off your 5.43-ounce monster. This phone's got it all, including a 4.3-inch screen, HD video capture, massive battery life and up to 40GB of storage.

So if you're in the market for Droid X accessories here are five awesome items to help take your Droid X experience to the next level.


If the Droid X kickstand is not for you, then check out the Crabble by Seskimo. Originally designed for the iPhone, this wallet-sized plastic stand will suit any device that is less than 0.62 inches thick and 2.56 inches wide.

The Droid X, without a case, just barely makes qualifies for these specifications with its depth of 0.39 inches and a width of 2.5 inches. I haven't tried this out myself so I can't say for sure that the Crabble is a perfect fit for the massive Droid X, but with prices ranging from $4 to $7 on Amazon, why not give it a try?

Case with Kickstand

Droid kickstand
The Droid X may not be a tablet, but it's still a pretty sizable device coming in at 5.02 inches high and 2.57 inches wide.

This impact-resistant black leather snap-on case will not only protect your device, but offers a kickstand for hands-free video watching. You can pick it up from Verizon for $25.

NFL Skins

NFL skins
Attention, football fans: now you can put your Droid X in your favorite NFL team colors for just $10.

Verizon is offering NFL skins to all Droid X owners for $10 plus free shipping until September 24. Verizon has skins for all 32 teams, and you can choose from a standard skin showing the team logo or the image of a hard-charging running back emblazoned in your NFL team's colors.

Check it out at

Motorola Droid X Desktop Dock

Motorola charger
Motorola offers a desktop charger that displays the Droid X in landscape mode, and turns your handset into a music player, digital picture frame, alarm clock, and hands-free video player.

You can get the Motorola charger from Verizon for $50, and it comes with a USB cable.

Full Body Screen Protector

Xtreme Guard
Xtreme Guard
Looking to encase your entire Droid X device in plastic? Then look no further than the full body Droid X screen protector from Xtreme Guard.

This full-body protector is cut specifically for the Droid X, and will last up two to three years, according to Xtreme Guard. You can find this protector for $5 on Amazon.

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