Facebook Hits 500 Million User Milestone

Facebook announced this morning that it has a half a billion active users–a fact that it’s celebrating with a new Facebook app called Facebook Stories.

(My favorite thing about Facebook by far: It’s helped me reconnect with dozens of people from my past who I probably would never have encountered again otherwise.)

A little context on the service’s membership milestone:

Population of earth: 6.9 billion

Number of people worldwide who live in poverty: over three billion

Internet users: 1.8 billion

Population of China 1.3 billion

Population of India: 1.1 billion

Active Facebook members: 500 million

Population of United States: 309 million

Twitter users per month: 190 million

McDonalds customers per day: 60 million

Population of New York City: 8.4 million

Sunday New York Times circulation: 1.4 million

Facebook users in December 2004: Almost a million

Unique Technologizer visitors in June: 310,000

Population of Palo Alto, where Facebook is headquartered: 63,000

Population of Monaco: 33,000

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