Atoms upgrades your toy box, could make your Lego sets more awesome

Scarily anticipatory-looking kid is scarily anticipatory.

What's better than constructing a full-scale Lego replica of that Minecraft colosseum you spent weeks on? Being able to make it explode on command, naturally. A fresh face on Kickstarter, Seamless Toy Company's Atoms are "modular, intuitive building blocks that give kids of any age the ability to make their toys DO things."

If that doesn't sound cool to you, you're reading the wrong blog.

As spotted by Geekosystem, Atoms looks to be the stuff childhood dreams are made of. Instead of just giving you new parts to play with, Atoms, if it all works as advertised, will let you play mad scientist with your existing toys. The company gives a Lego house with doors that can automatically open or a tank that goes faster when you switch on the light as examples.

Of course, if you're worried that it might require complicated electronics or programming know-how, Seamless Toy Company has indicated otherwise. In fact, the company claims that "kids"—do note the quotation marks here—will be able to make all sorts of cool stuff within 5 minutes of frantically ripping ATOMS out of the box.

According to the Atoms Kickstarter page, the initial Atoms set comes with thirteen unique modules. These include a motor, a light sensor, a sound module, a knob module, a battery brick, a splitter, an IR "laser," an IR target, an LED, a Flip Flop), an accelerometer, an exploding brick, and an iOS control brick.

It's going to cost a pretty penny to get everything from the get-go—you'll need to pledge $200 to their project if you want the full experience—but things like this are the reason you grew up and got a day job, right?

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