Report: T-Mobile Has 80 Percent Chance of Getting iPhone

Here we go again! This time it's Cult of Mac, with a "highly placed source" saying T-Mobile is going to start selling the iPhone in the third quarter of this year. In English, that means the device would appear in the next two months or so. Talks are apparently in an "advanced stage," and the source puts the odds at about 80 percent that it's going to happen.

This would be a huge victory for the nation's fourth largest carrier. Verizon has been long rumored to be the next US carrier to get the iPhone once the AT&T exclusivity ends (whenever that is). But certainly, Verizon's marketing has turned markedly more anti-Apple in recent weeks. That's certainly NOT the way to court the company that you are apparently trying to court.

With T-Mobile there is one big problem, and that's their 3G frequencies. They operate on a non-standard 1700/2100 MHz band, whereas AT&T uses the standard 1900MHz for 3G with 850MHz in certain markets. That means the 3GS is not going to work on T-Mobile.

The iPhone 4 works on 2100MHz, but it is unknown if 1700MHz support was added as well as no testing has been done. This would be the biggest hurdle that would need to be crossed in order to make this even a remote possibility.

Cult of Mac's track record with scoops is not the best, so I'd take this with a grain of salt for the moment. However, at the same time, T-Mobile USA still makes the best sense. Apple's already working with parent company Deustche Telekom in Europe, so the two companies talking is certainly not out of the question.

Any T-Mobile USA customers on here? I'm a former one, and used an unlocked iPhone 2G on the carrier for almost a year. Don't know if I would go back, but I know a lot of people who simply won't switch to AT&T just because it's AT&T. What say you all?

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