Motorola Droid X: The Mixed Reviews Are In

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The Droid X's Uncertain Future

Motorola's Droid X is selling well and even though it's received some lukewarm reviews, Verizon customers seem to love it. It's a shame that it's hard to get, just like HTC's Droid Incredible and EVO 4G, and, of course, the iPhone 4.

There are elements working against the Droid X, however. For starters, the Droid X is a niche device made for users who want a big handset. The upcoming launch of the Droid 2 -- first in line to sport Android 2.2 -- has the potential to overshadow the Droid X and turn many customers towards a more manageable phone.

The non-stop release of Android smartphones could also damage the Droid X. The more manufacturers that create phones built on Google's Android OS, the more tired and confused users can become.

And let's not forget the latest iPhone on Verizon rumors. During Steve Jobs' Antennagate press conference, it was revealed that there are Verizon cell towers on Apple's campus. iPhone on Verizon rumors have persisted for more than two years, but this fact almost makes it inevitable. If the iPhone lands on Verizon's network, do any Android handsets stand a chance?

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At a Glance
  • Motorola Droid X shines at multimedia playback, network performance, and features; but the interface can occasionally be sluggish. Read the full review


    • Beautiful 4.3-inch display
    • Intuitive, full-featured software


    • Interface can sometimes be sluggish
    • Not launching with latest version of Android
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