Nintendo sells 400,000 Wii U consoles, but is Wii Mini in works?

Sales of Nintendo’s next-generation Wii U console topped more than 400,000 units during the first week of its launch, and the company is preparing to debut the Wii Mini, a smaller and cheaper console on December 7.

Nintendo said it has sold 400,000 Wii U units since the console launched on November 18. It also sold 300,000 original Wii consoles, 250,000 3DS portable consoles and 275,000 of its older portable gaming devices for a total of 1.2 million devices.

To put Nintendo’s sales figures in context, the original Wii sold over 600,000 units in eight days after its November 2006 launch, and the PlayStation 3 from Sony sold 197,000 in the same period. Microsoft sold 270,000 Xbox units during October 2012.

Wii Mini on December 7?

A smaller and cheaper Wii-branded console is also in the cards from Nintendo it seems. Best Buy Canada is teasing pre-orders for a Wii Mini console on its front page. The page says the device is coming December 7.

The link to pre-order the console is not active though, and Nintendo has not confirmed the new product. This is supposedly a leak or mistake, which if not intentional, then it has not been corrected for several hours.

The Best Buy Wii Mini imagery shows a remote seemingly identical to the current Wii remote, and a rectangular console. Little else is know about the Wii Mini, besides speculation that it is meant to replace the original Wii console as a cheaper alternative to the Wii U, which is retailing in two bundles at $300 and $350.

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