Iris 3D printer makes models with paper and ink, won’t give you paper cuts

Mcor Technologies
"To be or not to be..."

For all the materials we’ve seen 3D printers use to make objects—including extruded plastic, laser baked liquid resin, and even sand—we’ve never seen anyone use just regular old paper.

Enter Mcor Technologies and its incredibly cool 3D inkjet printer called Iris. The newly announced model will not only create models out of everyday printing paper, but it can also print details on them with color ink.

Mcor IRIS, full color 3D printer from Conor MacCormack on Vimeo.

According to Gizmodo, the Iris printer slices layers of paper as they are glued together to create a 3D model. At the same time, it spays color i on the edges of each visible layer.

In the end, you get a completely biodegradable object that’s also a high-resolution 3D printout (thanks to the thinness of paper) and far more detailed than what extruded plastics could ever create.

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