Commodore 64 gets new games (and other things we didn't cover)

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The Commodore 64 lives! Sort of! In today's GeekBytes,  we look at how developers are still releasing new Commodore 64 games 30 years on, how you can bring an old radio up to date, and how one parent ensured that no bullies would pick on his kids—all with the help of technology.

Homemade drone tracks kids walk to school, live video included [IEEE Spectrum]

Forget using services such as Find My Friends or Google Latitude: One tech-savvy father made a drone to follow his son on his walk to school. This quadrotor comes equipped with GPS and a camera, so it not only knows where the kid is, but what's going on below. Find my Friends can do GPS, but it can’t do live video.

Upcycling a 30s radio into the modern day [Hack A Day]

This DIY project brings together modern Internet radio and all the charm of a 1930s radio. The upcycled machine makes use of a cheap old tube-amp radio ,which our intrepid hacker picked up on eBay. To bring the music player up to speed all the radio’s innards were ripped out and replaced with modern tech. The result is an Arduino-powered radio player that still makes use of the retro buttons and knobs but offers a much wider choice.

Commodore 64 lives on thirty years after release [The Verge]

Remember when Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 and killed of the original Xbox? Or when Sega discontinued the Dreamcast? Commodore 64 owners have no such worries, as the now 30-year-old computer is still seeing new game releases. The machine, which originally launched back in 1982, will receive new titles based on present-day hits, thanks to C64 enthusiast Paul Koller. So far, developers have made C64 ports of Canabalt, VVVVVV, and Super Crate Box, bringing simpler graphics and an 80’s feel to the modern-day games.

So, that's today's GeekBytes round-up, now go treat yourself with some cookies.

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