LED-clad freerunners remind us of Tron; Jeff Bridges nowhere to be found

LED Tron suit

What happens when you put the Tron movies and the game Mirror’s Edge together? The answer is men in LED suits, freerunning majestically around a big city. (OK, I guess making LED angels and stroking rabbits is a valid answer too).

Freelance director Frank Sauer from Berlin filmed three professional freerunners from different ends of the globe as they ran around Bangkok at night while dressed from head to toe in different colored LED lights. The premise of the budget movie, cleverly named Light Emitting Dudes, demonstrates freerunning’s beauty even at night, and the LEDs act almost as a visual aid to the team’s movements. Bangkok is the setting of choice because even though it's already a city of lights, Frank feels the freerunners add their own mark into the mix.

The LED suits are made from strips of LEDs, batteries, morphsuits, and a whole lot of duct tape. Frank chose LEDs over other sorts of lighting because they allow for more vibrant colors, which makes it so the suits illuminate the freerunners' surroundings better. The suits are quite difficult to repair, though—you have remove stitches to replace a broken LED strip, for example.

As you can see from the video, the Tron-style suits look amazing as the freerunners dance in between walls and around bridges, roll around on the floor, or, erm, pet white rabbits? The long nights and suit issues are certainly worth the end result—the long exposure shots are incredible.

[Vimeo via Adafruit and Frank Sauer]

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