Security Vexations Aplenty, More Facebook Fun

Worms, malware, zero-day attacks -- it was a worrisome week on the security front, with stories in that genre taking our top three slots.

1. After worm, Siemens says don't change passwords, Siemens: Removing SCADA worm may harm plants and Siemens: German customer hit by information stealing worm: The first-ever malicious code targeting Siemen's SCADA -- supervisory control and data acquisition -- products made for a stressful week for the company and some of its customers.

2. Dell warns of malware on server motherboards and Dell revamps hardware in wake of malware issue: Siemens wasn't alone in its stress.

3. Experts predict extensive attacks of Windows zero-day: Dell and Siemens have a lot of company in being vexed by security issues.

4. Facebook's half billion users: fun facts and Facebook calls ownership contract a 'forgery': Facebook ballyhooed signing up its 500 millionth user. But we think the story about who owns the company delivers far more bang for our news buck.

5. Mobile deathmatch: Apple iOS 4 vs. Android 2.2 and Inside the heads of Android fanboys: No way could we pass up including a mobile OS deathmatch. Or any IT-related deathmatch for that matter. Heck, we'd probably figure out ways to work in other kinds of deathmatches, too.

6. Roundup: Apple's free iPhone 4 cases and The iPhone 4: Just take it back: Here's the latest on the Apple iPhone 4 case give-away as well as some friendly advice about what to do if a free case doesn't solve the problems you're having.

7. Oracle denies report of $70 billion in planned acquisitions and Update: Oracle denies report of $70 billion in planned acquisitions: Well, that's the problem when comments (plural) are captured on tape.

8. Bomb-making tips tied to blog shut-down: Yikes!

9. Wall Street Beat: Tech earnings boost optimism: IT earnings reports looked good this week.

10. T-Mobile iPhone will change the wireless game: Speculation turned this week to what would happen if the iPhone really does become available on more than AT&T's network -- the most recent rumor says the next carrier to offer the smartphone will be T-Mobile.

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