App Invasion: Spaceteam for iOS is a blast!

There’s a lot to love about Spaceteam, a new iOS game for the iPad and iPhone by app developer Henry Smith—It’s action packed, fast-paced, and you get to shout stuff at your friends.

Spaceteam is a multiplayer party app, and you and your teammates must work together to keep your spaceship from meeting its impending doom. Throughout the game, you’ll face exploding stars, wormholes, asteroids, and other space obstacles, and all the while pieces of the spaceship are falling apart. Each player has a unique set of controls on his or her screen; things with odd space-y names like “lustrous prismneck,” “sigma-clapper,” and “magnetourquer.” Commands pop up throughout the game that instruct players on what controls to set. If you can follow all of these commands and activate the right controls before time runs out, your ship remains in flight and you’ll advance to the next level.

The brilliance of this game is that the commands that pop up on your screen aren’t necessarily meant for you. For example, you could see the command “Set the Leftovers to Refrigerate!” but you might not have the Leftovers control. You’ll then have to bark the order out to your teammates to see who can press that Leftovers button before time runs out.

The end result is a chaotic jumble of yelling, and man, is it fun.

Spaceteam is free with available in-app purchases for power-ups. The game is made for two to four players, and you must all be on the same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to play.

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