Voice-controlled video game goes 'biu biu,' not 'pew pew'

Tian Gao

Biu! Biu! Biu biu biu—er, no. I haven't lost it at all. I'm just trying to give you an idea of what it'd be like to play Tian Gao's final project.

Cornell University student Tian Gao went ahead and made a video game that can only be operated with the sound of human voices. According to Hack a Day, the the in-game jet fighters shoot projectiles whenever you say "biu," and they ascend when you go "aaah."

Silence, obviously, will cause the virtual vehicles to neither go up nor down, nor shoot at things.

While the single-player mode doesn't seem particularly interesting, the two-player mode of actually makes me want to test it out. The game sets you and your opponent on opposite sides of each other. From there, you must then attempt to shoot your opponent, avoid bullets, collect a panoply of possible buffs and try to maintain a straight face while you shout "biu Biu" and "aaah" at one another.

On the hardware front, Tian's uses an ATMega1284 microontroller to handle both voice recognition and video output, a pair of 3.5mm audio-in jacks, the requisite microphones, and NTSC output, among other odds and ends.

If you're curious as to exactly what went into the creation of this auditory masterpiece, head on over to Tian's website for a fairly comprehensive overview of the project.

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