Arduino-powered Sonic Screwdriver stops dogs, not Daleks

Someone made a functional sonic screwdriver. No, really, someone actually made a real-world approximate to the multi-fictional widget found in British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

Though sadly bereft of psychic interfaces and welding torch-like capabilities, Gunther Cox's rendition of the subject material is nothing to be scoffed at. As spotted by MAKEzine, the Arduino-powered replica of the device has, among other odds and ends, an EMF (electromagnetic field) meter, voltage detector, dog whistle, sound level meter, serves as a universal remote and offers, well, shiny lights. On demand, it can be turned into a laser pointer or flash dramatically..

Awesome? We thought so too. Unfortunately there are no instructions available, but the Arduino code remains available for perusal. Here's the million dollar question: what are you going to stuff into your Arduino Pro Mini-enabled sonic screwdriver?

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