Guy proposes to girl with arc reactor; heart-shaped boxes are too last year

Why settle for traditional proposals when you can hit it out of the proverbial ballpark? While the Arduino board has made its way into a wide variety of things, this may well be one of the more charming usages of the open-source computing platform.

A guy named Ed recently made use of the Arduino and enough LED lights to make any festive-minded decorator swoon with delight to create this arc reactor ring box. Why? Because his then-girlfriend had apparently nicknamed him Tony Stark after he developed a simple arc reactor prop replica for his desk. Now, everyone say, "D'awww!"

As pointed out by Hack A Day, Ed's arc reactor sports two modes: a 'light-up' mode that simply functions as a show of awesomeness and a 'ring mode' which makes use of servos to move the front cover so as to reveal the engagement ring underneath.

Needless to say, Ed's fiancé said yes.

There's a lesson to be learned here, I think. Regardless of whether we've talking about a proposal done in binary or one carried out with GLaDOS's assistance, geeks do it best.

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